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  • Hello,Welcome to DAIKIland!But I created this eccentricworld,I've never know this iland.Talking this storytrailer before,where is a the odd art painting world?My imagnation of variety of creatores and a lot of buildings and these moving styles was grew up to when childen edition legacy.They was born some white paper by hand's technique and pencil.I suppose my age became 180 years then.I spent splendid experience when visited Netherlands and Deutschland in 2013.I've never seen the European world of scenic beauty spreaded in front of me.Then all life inspired something huge chance.Certainly ensured to recive point of element in relation to art.Keep mind of enjoying to describe illustration from  I was child.Want to have a blast when don't have idea.If have lots of opportunitys various secne of art life,art passion want expressing to innocent vision.Could display exbition since have the power because of these impressive scenes.I've been interested in gummi but don't almost know other author of illustration and painter.I feel like eating glamour it a whole day.Where is GummiGummi land?Some day should illustrate the Gummi of Gummitalian on whiteboard.
  • I've usually concived the illustration like ideal world.The art of these fanciful story is a parts of ours life on earth.I'm happy that if the illustration would affect something enjoyable mood to many peoples on all the world.Hope the art scenes of dipiction on whitecanvas have lots of comfortable spots of coming lucky person to choice to various creators.


Nation Daiki LanD
Name Daiki Michihara
Birth 05.21.1581
It's all up with me budget −$4,173『It's is crisis!』
Kingdom Adress 〒721-5501 PocoPoco,Pocopoco city,PocoPoco land
Solo Exbition
  • 2014 Pure time
  • 2015 Retour Du Bonheur
Favorite Town
  • Netherlands Amsterdam Utrecht
  • Deutschland Rothenbrug ob der tauber Hameln

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