Welcome to a Sweetbaby house!

  • Do you know it?D’sland has a Sweetworld like so much fluffy and very soft white
  • marshmallow!There're many cute babies in the Angelsweet town.They've had the
  • enjoy time and makes heart.Angel babies delivers some pure heart when you meet a vareity of scenes this lovely spot.They will give the healing page on the art story for you.If would be able to spend a happy moment together this here, I want to you


Heart CandyAngel Baby has arranged to meet that sweetie a rainy house light of a secret fregrance garden in this Swhteenny town.It is raining a candy model of heart instead of rain in this place.The rain emerges such as "Heart Candy" in front of somebaby's hands a few times in a few years.So the love story will be come true that give a Heart Candy to your target baby.What a lucky angel baby this is!That baby will be able to spend good life reciving from baby's present of love heart.Wish you become a happy baby and get happy smile.


  • A your Color Cover』Babies go to picnic on sunny day.A oasis towers comes sometimes the special rainbow from servral white clouds on bule skyvision is cvlover park of  lot of greens Rlossnvhaimtroll area in babytown.Babies always are fine and have also cute behavior today.Many fairies have a good time together into emerald green with various colors in  the park.The green park has a miracle tale “Clover Night ” before we're born from once upon a time.If you'd be able to seek a four leaf clover with your lover before dawn exist,they will have happy life on long term.But must find until today's night.Hope get a clover!